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This post will be disappointingly void of pictures because yours truly wasn’t on the ball enough to bring her camera along. My dear roommate brought me here for an early birthday dinner last weekend since I guess I had been unknowingly harping about this place for a while ever since I heard its raving reviews from my friend, Sarah. So, I’ll just list down what we had and point out the notable dishes, mostly for my sake because I know I will forget soon enough.

Seared Sea Scallops w/ sunchokes and roasted porcini mushrooms — The scallops were succulent and fresh and went extremely well with the mushrooms.

Tagliatelli w/ white truffles and parmagiano
— Possibly the best dish we had. Bursting with flavor.
Spaghetti w/tomato and basil

Sicilian-spiced Duck Breast — Duck cooked medium rare can usually be chewy and hard to digest but here they were tender and moist.
Moist-roasted Capretto — Young goat meat cooked with rapini, pancetta & potatoes. If only I was not completely stuffed at this point in time. I know I would’ve enjoyed this much more. The goat was absolutely tender and the vegetables were a refreshing accompaniment.

Chef Scott Conant has done well here. Definitely a satisfying and great eating experience. Thank you Ms. SY!

355 W 14th St
New York, NY 10014