There’s something about loud, uncouth Chinese aunties that makes South-East Asian food so appealing, especially when consumed in a greasy, tight joint, big enough to only fit 8.

At least I think so, anyway.

If you’re one to pick out and dissect every single nook and cranny in a place, I wouldn’t suggest you try Yamo. There are definitely many indistinguishable corners that one shouldn’t be inspecting here. As far as I know, Yamo consists of 3 Cantonese-speaking Burmese aunties, one who does the cooking, one does the chopping and cleaning while the other mans the phone, takes orders and does some prep work for the cook.

I gotta thank Eileen for coming along on the ride. Exploring new places is always much more satisfying with another person (i.e. you get to order more). So we ordered the chicken noodle soup, mango salad and some kind of stir-fry (which wasn’t very memorable). The chicken noodle soup is definitely worth a mention, however. Soaked in a creamy, coconut broth, reminded me a little of the curry laksa back home (minus the spice).

For items under $7, Yamo is definitely worth checking out.

I think my favorite neighborhood in San Francisco has to be the Mission. There is just so much diversity and activity going on here: massive hipster-run cafes, bike stores, bookstores, pubs, crazy pirate stores, a whole neighborhood of great Mexican food, etc. If I ever do entertain the idea of moving out west, I would probably live around this area.

Anyway, Yay Yamo!
3406 18th St (at Mission St),
San Francisco, CA 94110


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