Gwynnett St

The trend in restaurants these days seem to be to go back to a more traditional, earth-to-table setting, where ingredients are sourced locally and fresh and the cooking style is not overwhelming with creams and sauces.

Hall-of-famer Justin Hilbert, from The George Hotel (England), Mugaritz (Spain) and WD-50 (New York), has decided to set up shop in East Williamsburg, which NYMag calls deceptively scruffy. The food is not the only thing that makes a successful restaurant. Hilbert seems to have gotten quite a few things right, like menu design, space and decor, knowledgeable and attentive wait staff, good drinks, reasonably priced plates ($44 3-course meal for Sunday dinners) being some of them.

Gwynnett St is a must-go if you love food, maybe bring a friend or two so you can share and try more things on the menu. The items to look out for are (though the menu might change according to the ingredients they are able to source at each season):

The Duck, sou-vide and served with peach, chanterelle mushrooms, farro and pecan.
The Chicken, sou-vide and served with broccoli, buttermilk and ash.
The Shrimp (appetizer), cooked with tomato, melon and oregano.

Thanks to my usual food-super-database Sarah and Gan for recommending this place!

Gwynnett St
312 Graham Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11211


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