Nyonya Ba-zhang

Ba-chang is Hokkien for meat dumpling. And in my books, the best ones are made by the Nyonyas. The Nyonya (and Baba) or the Peranakan Chinese people descended from 15th and 16th century Chinese immigrants who eventually settled in the Malaysian/Indonesian shores. And fortunately for me, a lot of them call the state of Melaka home, which is a 35-40 minute drive from my parents’ house.

This lady, which we will call the Ba-zhang Auntie, works out of her home in Bukit Serindit. I might have some trouble finding her house again, but my dad might be able to direct you…

The Ba-zhang Auntie fetching the precious ba-zhangs for us

How it works: You call ahead and tell her how many you want and when you will pick them up, and she will tell you if there is any left. It’s best to call earlier than later of course, since she only makes a certain number of the dumplings a day, considering how laborious of a process it is to make them.

The glorious Nyonya ba-zhang

My aunt who lives in Melaka did mention that it isn’t as good as some of the ones she has had before, but hey, this seemed pretty good to me. RM3.50 a piece, given its size, I could technically eat 3 in one sitting…


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