About Blog

This blog was created for two of the dearest people in my life.

To Sonia; who taught me that there is always reason to eat more even if you’re extremely stuffed, for going on late night food hunts with me in Sydney, for bringing Dr. Karg + avocadoes + tomatoes into my life and for making 2008 one of my best years.

To Zayni; for never hesitating to shower me with love by way of food, for making the best curries, for being so anal about rice having to be grainy and not mushy and for being the best thing that happened to me since sliced bread.


I love  you both to death.

Here’s a tribute to food, the essence that brings people together, keeps people together, a wellspring in a desert that is life.


2 responses to “About Blog”

  1. rochelle says :

    Hi there i would like to invite you to a xmas party next wed 16th dec for surry hills locals .. also to let you know about secret supper society! perhaps you could email me and i can send you the invite?

    kind regards

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