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Tartine Bakery

In a city where bakeries are a-plenty, Tartine Bakery stands out amidst their growing list of accolades and awards. Founded and run by pastry chef Elizabeth Pruitt and baker husband Chad Robertson, Tartine looks nondescript from the outside except for the incredibly long line of people waiting to get their orders of bread and pastries.

Pruitt and Robertson have definitely earned their James Beard Outstanding Pastry Chefs titles. Though I was quite annoyed by having to get in line just to put in an order, things were moving fast enough and we were able to find space at the bar to place our stash: brioche bread pudding, morning bun, scone and eclair filled with vanilla custard dipped in Valrhona glaze.

Seating is first-come-first-get, so if you find a spot, grab it. But if the weather permits, bring your pastries to Dolores Park and eat it on the slope in the sun.

Tartine Bakery
600 Guerrero Street
San Francisco, CA 94110 (MAP)
t. 415 487 2600 / f. 415 487 2605


Bourke Street Bakery

Zayni has a terrible sweet tooth, and Sonia’s the total opposite. But we have found that we all love the chocolate tarts at Bourke Street Bakery (I should get a picture of those tarts). When we used to live in Ultimo, there was a Bourke St Bakery branch on Broadway St. Then I discovered the original bakery in Surry Hills while on a photography trip in the city one Sunday afternoon.

Bourke St Bakery

If you zoomed in on the corner where the bakery was, you would feel as though you were in the Village in New York, or somewhere in Lincoln Park in Chicago. I especially love the loaves of bread on display on the window of the shop.

bourke st bakery

It’s an awesome breakfast/hang out place. If the tables run out, there’s always the park across the street. A perfect Saturday morning ritual: fresh sausage rolls from the bakery and eating them on the grass in the park under the sun.

Bourke Street Bakery,
633 Bourke St,
Surry Hills 2010 NSW