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Rockaway Taco

I’ve been of the opinion that really good Mexican food does not exist in Manhattan. Maybe Queens, maybe Brooklyn, definitely out on the west coast in SF and LA, but not in Manhattan. Which is a sad thought, because as much as I am addicted to Asian food, I do like myself a taco here and there.

I’ve been taking the long ride on the A train out to Rockaway Beach because I’ve been volunteering with a group called Stoked that teaches high school kids to surf on weekends in the summer. And recently after a 26+ mile bike ride, Rockaway Taco was discovered and I had finally found my reward for going all the way to the beach (yes, it’s still not in Manhattan, but who cares?!)

Behold the Fish Taco (a.k.a. Best Thing Ever And You Should Not Eat Anything Else). Also get the sweet plantains.

The Fish Taco