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The Cupcake Bakery

Okay, this has got to be my favorite type of cake ever. I don’t need big slices of cake to cheer me up, just give me one of these little bundles of joy and I’ll be content. I have to attribute my first cupcake encounter to my dear friend, Shasha. It was in New York City on a nippy December afternoon and we were walking in The Village and suddenly the subject of cupcakes came up and someone yelled out, “Magnolia!”**. But Sha said, “No!”. She claimed that there was another store that made cupcakes just as good and we wouldn’t need to queue up for ages. And that’s how I came about Billy’s Bakery and of course, the pure bliss of cupcakes.

When I got to Australia, I had another good friend here, Eileen, who is also obsessed with cupcakes and food in general. And she brought me to this place called Little Cupcakes in Melbourne.

So started the cupcake hunt in Sydney. I saw the opening sign to this place about a year ago and got pretty excited. Almost everyone who passes by this store gives it a second stare, and some stand and ogle because the cupcakes they have on display just look divine.

cupcake bakery

Cupcakes on display

Cupcakes on display

More cupcakes on display

More cupcakes on display

A little gem

A little gem

The cakes are moist, and the icing is not too sweet and they taste so fresh! My favorite is the one above, chocolate with vanilla icing. Cupcakes here are $3.50 a pop, and if you buy a dozen, they’re $3.20 each. Not a cheap treat, but you can always split one with someone. Half a cupcake is better than none!

They have a few locations in Sydney:

  1. The QVB, Sydney
  2. 320B George St, Sydney NSW 2000
  3. 438 Oxford St, Paddington NSW 2021

** For the sake of those poor souls who don’t know about Magnolia Bakery, they are credited with starting the “cupcake craze” in the 90s, according to Wikipedia. If you’re ever in the West Village in New York, do go check out the queue :). But if you want just cupcakes, I recommend Billy’s.


Cafe Giulia’s


There’s just something about this place that compels us to come back every time. The service isn’t necessarily 5-star. If you try to get your own cutlery, prepare to get snapped at by the surly chef. The service can sometimes be spotty because the some of the wait staff are foreigners on a working holiday and they either don’t speak English very well, mess up your order or totally ignore you when you want some more pepper or butter (remember, you’re not allowed to touch anything on the counter).

But, we come back every time.

I remember my first morning there about a year ago. I had just arrived to Sydney and Zayni got very excited and said that we have to go to her favorite breakfast place. I was still a bit jetlagged, very tired and finding it very hard to believe that there were so many Asians in Sydney. Giulia’s was my culinary introduction to the harbor city and it made the list as one of my favorite places to eat.

Try the salmon omellete, chicken omellete, fish burger, or Zayni’s favorite, the kafta. Or the special that Sonia never tried but has always drooled over them: corn fritters, avocado bacon and poached eggs.

Cafe Giulia’s
92 Abercrombie St,
Chippendale 2008 NSW