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Billy’s Bakery

These pictures are a few months old but I thought I’d pay tribute to the first place that got me started on the cupcake craze, thanks to my dear friend, Shasha.

Billy’s gives me the warm fuzzies in my tummy every time I step in, I’m not sure why but the place is just so welcoming. Their cupcakes are amazingly good, yes, they are sweet, but what’s the point of cupcakes if they aren’t sweet? Shasha says, Billy’s cupcakes are the key to happiness.

A very happy Shasha


Billy’s Bakery
184 9th Avenue,
New York, NY 10011


Fette Sau

I guess it’s time to revive this blog. I can’t be living in one of the greatest food havens on earth and not be posting anything here. So here goes…

The name of the place intrigued me the very first time I heard it from a friend of mine (who of course, is a mighty foodie and a great food blogger, so here’s to you Sarah) – Fette Sau means fat pig in German – so I thought I had to check it out. I finally got down to it a week ago and dragged my friend Jen with me.

We got there right before the mad rush for meat started and got seated comfortably in the corner next to the wall. You know a restaurant is serious about their meat if they dedicate an entire wall to describing the edible parts of an animal.

We tried a host of meat products: pulled pork shoulder, beef brisket, ribs and pork sausages and I can say that all of them were very good. The brisket was sliced thin and extremely tender, the pulled pork could have been slightly juicier but it was still good. My favorite part of the meal, however, wasn’t the meat but a spicy sauce that they had on the table. The sauce was amazingly subtle, i.e. it wasn’t very salty, but it was spicy and definitely met my criteria of spicy-ness.

The tables at Fette Sau are arranged in a communal way – long benches and picnic-like tables. It enforces a family-styled dining area and I liked it. Seating a big group could prove challenging, so get there early if you can. They have about 10 to 15 different types of beer on tap, which is quite a good amount.

Fette Sau
354 Metropolitan Avenue,
Brooklyn NY